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Convert leads and potential customers into business

Dynamics 365 Marketing is an advanced marketing automation solution. It empowers businesses to create, deploy, and evaluate effective marketing campaigns, target audiences, nurture customer relationships, and gain valuable insights to drive business growth and success.

Increase in leads and conversions

Enhanced lead nurturingand

Personalized and automated marketing

Increase conversions and drive sales.

  • Intuitive email editor: Visually edit your emails with drag-and-drop tools and personalize them for each audience segment.
  • No-code landing pages: Create attractive and conversion-focused landing pages without needing technical knowledge, capturing leads and potential customers with high conversion rates.
  • Interactive customer journeys: Automate personalized journeys for your customers, triggering emails, SMS, and other actions at the right time based on their behaviors.
  • Event planning and management: Organize and promote online and offline events efficiently, managing registrations, attendance, and follow-ups.
  • Advanced segmentation: Segment your customers based on various criteria such as demographics, behaviors, and interests to send personalized and relevant messages.
  • Lead scoring: Evaluate the quality of your leads and prioritize those with the highest conversion potential, directing the sales team’s efforts to the most promising opportunities.
  • Lead qualification and nurturing: Nurture your leads with relevant and automated content, driving them along the buying journey until conversion.
  • LinkedIn integration: Import leads from LinkedIn and use LinkedIn Lead Gen forms to capture new contacts directly from the social network.
  • Customer portals: Create online portals for your customers to access information, update their data, and interact with your brand conveniently.
  • Satisfaction surveys: Gather valuable feedback from your customers through online surveys and utilize the insights to enhance your products, services, and customer service.
  • Advanced analytics: Obtain detailed reports on the performance of your campaigns, identify the best strategies, and optimize your marketing investments to achieve maximum ROI.

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