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How Kinix Consulting can assist your company!

Streamlined data collection and integration

We simplify the process of collecting and integrating data from various sources, providing a unified and integrated view for more precise and comprehensive analysis.

Clear and efficient interpretation

We transform complex information into clear and understandable insights using advanced data analysis and mining capabilities, facilitating data interpretation and understanding across the organization.

Impactful communication of insights

We create custom reports and interactive visual dashboards that make it easy to communicate key insights and important information clearly and impactfully, fostering shared understanding and organizational alignment.

Continuous monitoring of market trends

We provide real-time analytics and automatic updates enabling clients to continuously monitor industry trends, customer preferences, and competitor activities, ensuring a prompt and adaptable response to changes.

Unmatched Flexibility: Customize applications to meet your specific requirements without limits.

Rapid Development: Bring your ideas to life in record time.

Low Total Cost of Ownership: Affordable solution with high return on investment.

Robust Scalability: Support for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Reliable Security: Protect your data with the highest security standards.

Native Integration: Easily connect to other Microsoft products and third-party systems.

Power Apps Portal: Create secure and customizable portals for collaboration and information access.

Canvas Apps: Develop mobile and web applications with intuitive and interactive interfaces.

AI Builder: Integrate artificial intelligence into your applications to automate tasks and make intelligent decisions.

Dataverse: Store and manage your data securely and efficiently.

Power Automate: Automate workflows between applications, systems, and data.

Azure: Utilize Azure’s robust infrastructure to host your apps and ensure high availability and scalability.

Dynamics 365: Integrate your Power Apps with the data and features of Dynamics 365 for a comprehensive business management experience.

Office 365: Connect your Power Apps to your Office 365 productivity suite to optimize teamwork and collaboration.

Now, you can rely on custom applications
to optimize your company's operations.


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Work with a leading and certified partner in Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics CRM solutions.



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